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Now if you are someone like me, you would be the kind of person who really wants aliens to exist. As time ticks on and science/technology continues to make breakthroughs at an exponential rate I can’t help but wonder… where are my large eyed friends? Surely with all of our technological advancements we must have found an image or a signal or something. Up until now we have found no sign of life out there in the void, but after stumbling across this Kickstarter campaign the previous statement may not be true.

The Kepler Mission
The Kepler Mission

Before we get to the good stuff, we need to start from the beginning . In 2009 NASA began its Keplar mission with hopes to find planets outside of our solar system. For 4 years the mission monitored over 150,000 stars. The computers monitoring the mission were looking for transits. A transit is when an orbiting planet passes in front of a star blocking out some light. A group of Yale students thought out of the box and wondered if the data was analyzed by actual human beings would they find more transits. This simple idea eventually turned into a group of people 300,000 people strong called Planet Hunters.

In May 2009 the Planet Hunters found something strange happening with a particular star name KIC 8462852. What made this star peculiar was a transit pattern that baffled the community and experts as well. The transit was measured in May 2009, March 2011, and February 2013. The transit was found to block out 20% of the field of view which would make the structure 1000 times the area of Earth. The transits also had irregular curves which would lead people to believe the object was not round like a planet, but odd shaped. After all of the data was collected the team published an article titled¬†Where’s the Flux?. This article continues to baffle scientists, and continued research is needed to figure out what this massive object actually is. In order to continue this research the team needed money, which is where the Where’s The Flux Kickstarter campaign came into play.

Where's the flux The campaign was successful and raised over 100,000 dollars to keep the research going. I myself could not be happier to hear this news, and I will be the first in line to shake hands with our universal companions when the time comes.



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