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Paranormal Warehouse Update

 Have you checked out all the Paranormal Warehouse social media handles lately?!  There are some new and exciting things happening!  As founders of Paranormal...

Paranormal News: “This Man”

Paranormal News: "This Man"   Recently, I was sitting with a friend in my living room and enjoying a couple of beers.  He knows I am...

Stop Being Gullible AF

This paranormal article is a reaction to the article: http://doubtfulnews.com/2016/10/creator-of-gadgets-for-ghost-adventures-show-says-he-does-not-believe-in-ghosts/ If you haven't read the article above yet, please do.  If you refuse, well here is...


I am not sure how many of your have heard of the significance of seeing 11:11 a lot or 1111 or basically a lot...


Welcome to Stagrassle

Stop Being Gullible AF

Real or Fake Episode 8