The Seven Gates of Hell


Tucked away in a pleasant little corner of York, Pennsylvania in Hellam Township where you’ll find rich forests, lakes, and wildlife resides a tale and several gates that it’s residents would rather ignore than acknowledge their existence. Ghost hunters, thrill seekers, and even satanic cults have been gathering at the first gate for many years and there are several ways the stories of the gates to hell are told. The first and most notorious links the gates to a former insane asylum on the outskirts of the town where now only ruins lie. This particular story describes a devastating fire at the asylum in the nineteenth century, which allowed the dangerous inmates to escape. Due to the fact it was so remote the firefighters weren’t able to reach the asylum in time to save any of the patients. Most of them were running wild, while many of them were recaptured, beaten, or killed. Some were so frightened by the fire they remained on the top floors and were burned to death. Other tormented souls were trapped inside a series of gates, which they haunt to this day.

This was either located on Toad Road (which later was a featured movie in 2012, I checked it out and it was just bizarre!!) or Trout Run Road. The gates’ role in the story is widely disputed. A lot of locals are frankly, tired or annoyed about hearing of the myths so many times by ghost hunters, and thrill seekers alike (and might even get angry) if you attempt to ask them anything about the seven gates. Maybe because they’re hiding something? Or they’re just sick of talking about it more likely. Some say that the gates were put up by the local search party to trap the remaining inmates. Others that will talk to you will end up telling you a completely unrelated story to the asylum fire in which an eccentric physician who lived on the property built several gates along a path leading deep into the void of the forest. Either way, both of these stories agree on one basic rule of thumb: only one of the seven gates is visible during the day. The other six can be seen at night, and at night ONLY during the darkest of night. Supposedly no one has ever succeeded in passing through the fifth gate, but if they passed through all seven it would open a gate standing upon the ruins of the asylum which will send you (do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars!) directly to hell where they would be dropped to the fiery depths.

If you can manage to find someone to talk to some of the local folk nowadays will tell you that it’s such a cursed area that it is indeed the location to hell if you can find it (or want to?) If you can manage to find the path that leads to the gates of the ruins of the asylum, you’ll be overpowered by feelings of dread so horrible that you’ll turn around and run back to the entrance. Apparitions, and strange noises and screams alike can be heard from within the deep wooded area so be aware if you go.

Anyone want the truth? Well here it is and oddly it’s just about the actual road name and town, but also a murder mansion… Unfortunately in reality, there is no road called “Toad Road” in Hellam Township, York. BUT there is a road named Trout Run Road, and there IS a local doctor but he only put the gate up to deter any trespassers from wandering onto his property to look for the gates. There is also a myth similar stating that Hellam Township was named after hell (duh). Sorry guys not true either. Sound similar to Hallamshire, England? Yep. That’s right. Another tidbit of information I picked up along the way was not only of the twin tunnels you pass through to get to the gates but also of a grisly murder mansion.

Here, was the home of a previous gun murder where the father had killed his entire family, the house remained empty afterwards untouched and you can still manage to see the bullet holes if you get close enough. All of the bodies were buried somewhere on the grounds as well. This brought upon rumors in town for the last few decades about some cult (mainly Satanic) activity on the mansion grounds.



Still, I’m the type of person (or unique weirdo whatever you want to call me and hey that’s a compliment in my eyes) that wants to know and see more for herself. I’m very inclined to check it out. I’ve been to Centralia and I’ll tell you the the first time I went it did not disappoint. Soon I’ll be doing a little YouTube series for the guys at Paranormal Warehouse and I’ll be traveling to some of these places. As well as discussing a little more of the strange things I currently write here about. If anyone wants to suggest a place (or story to discuss) for me to visit let me know! I’ve been to more than I can count so I’m open to suggestions, even if I’ve been there.

So hey, field trip anyone?? Lucky enough for you all I only live about 40 minutes away from York and will be on my way up there to check things out myself. I have to see that mansion!! So, video to come on that later.

Until next time my spooky friends!,


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