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Welcome everyone to this weeks featured haunted location: Hinsdale House! Located in the picturesque woods of Hinsdale, New York. You might never guess by first glance how terrifying it could possibly be, but take a step inside for an investigation and hear the history and it becomes a totally different story altogether. It was also featured on Paranormal Lockdown recently! There are several videos located on our youtube channel about Hinsdale House besides the featured video so check them out and subscribe for more locations to come soon!


The history begins as far back as the late 1800s when a man who lived at the house and worked in the barn where the pond is now located, robbed stage coaches that were passing through town. He tended to rob the richest ones he could find of their money and personal items and would then proceed to kill them one by one and bury them all over the land in different locations. During the winter he would end up storing some of the bodies in the basement of the barn and inside the house until spring, when he would move the bodies to the woods.

During the early 1970s a couple by the name of Clara and Phil Dandy lived in the Hinsdale house along with their children. While they were there they were haunted by many different kinds of paranormal activity ranging from mists, to apparitions, and even chanting emanating from the woods. Within days the Dandy family began having very strange paranormal experiences that grew far worse as time went by. It first began as a series of mysterious phone calls, and other poltergeist activity, then the chanting in the woods began. Even still, the Dandy family believed the odd occurrences to be a product of over active imagination and that none of these things were actually happening or could possibly be explained by some kind of natural activity.

Shortly after is when they started seeing full body apparitions of a woman in white, who would sometimes appear to be dancing by the pond (where the barn used to be) bizarre animal/human hybrids, some they even believed could be demonic entities. One of the more terrifying experiences they encountered was of a night that they noticed a grouping of strange faces they didn’t recognize, staring in their windows from outside. As soon as Mr. Dandy ran outside to chase off what he assumed were only trespassers, when he turned around confused because he was unable to see anyone, the faces were now peering back at him from the INSIDE of the house!

It was said that around this time is when the paranormal activity became violent in nature and the claims of poltergeist activity manifested. Objects would levitate and fly around the room, also at one point in time one of the lamps was thrown at one of the Dandy daughters. When this began to get worse and started involving the children and when they began to become affected, Mr. Dandy himself experienced a strange state of amnesia, and was unable to remember some of the most frightening incidents. This was the straw that broke the camels back for the Dandy family, and they decided their only chance of peace in the house was to have an exorcism. After they came to this conclusion they called in an exorcist named Father Alphonsus, a priest from St. Bonaventure University, to exorcise the home while the family and a paranormal research team were present as witnesses to the activity. According to the paranormal team and Father Alphonsus, the paranormal activity became the strongest it had ever been. They saw lights in the house turning on and off, with banging that seemed to be coming through the walls. They also said the entire time they sensed a terrible evil presence that encompassed the entire home. Unfortunately even after their extreme attempts to exorcise the spirits and evil presence from the home, the exorcism proved unsuccessful. Even after a few days of calm in the house, the activity started again even worse than before. Thus, forcing the Dandy family to move.

Many teams have documented and have had their own experiences while investigating Hinsdale House. Claiming strange mists and shadowy apparitions as well as banging on the walls and whispers. But if you wish to read further about the personal experiences that the actual family had, Clara Dandy wrote a book herself detailing her own terrifying experiences while her family lived in the home between 1973 and 1974.

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