If you ever find yourself in a hurry to get somewhere hopefully you never have an encounter with the crazy Japanese wall poltergeist known as Nurikabe. If you do you will probably be late to where ever it is that you are going at best. Worst case you will be a flattened heap on the ground found by someone who happens to come along after the fact.

The origin of this creature is unknown but it may have been developed as a way to explain delays from people that were either late to their destination or who got lost on the way and never showed. The legend does originate from the Japanese Island Kyushu though it is uncertain when it first made an appearance.

The Nurikabe is basically a large white wall, with pairs of small arms and legs. Once it appears if you attempt to pass the wall it may fall and crush you. If you try to run away or just turn around and walk in another direction Nurikabe disappears and reappears in front of your new path. According the legend there is only one way of escaping this nightmare. That is to hit the bottom of it with a stick and it will vanish. That seems simple enough to do but if you think about it for a minute you will see that it becomes much more difficult if you do not already have said stick in your hands. When you turn around to find a stick the wall just pops right you in front of you no matter which way you try to go.

So if you are planning to walk to your destination or you are simply out for a nice evening stroll make sure you are always carrying a stick because you never know if you may have to spank that Nurikabe in to submission to continue on your journey!!

The Japanese Culture is full of spirits such as this one and from time to time I will be highlighting more of them as well as many others from around the world as well. My final thought on this particular phantom is that a man on that island that had just started a walking stick company came up with the Nurikabe as a marketing ploy to sell more of his sticks! That being said its best to be prepared and if you are now in the market for a walking stick leave a comment below and I have friends that make them actually!

Thanks for checking out my 1st article and please keep an eye out for my future posts as I plan to cover a wide arrange of topics from aliens to ghosts and conspiracies to the just plain weird!




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